Alpha Course

Eat, meet, talk, laugh, ask questions and discover – that’s what you do at Alpha. You will discover the basics of the Christian faith in this introduction. Worldwide, over 24 million people in 169 countries have followed an Alpha course already. 

You can also join an Alpha at CLC Breda. During ten interactive evening meetings and a weekend, we will discover together what the Christian faith is all about.

The evening always starts with a sociable dinner. After this, you listen to a stimulating introduction to the subject of that evening. Next, you talk in small groups about the subject and you can ask all your questions.

Maybe you are curious, or have questions like ‘is there more’? Whether you are young or old, religious or not; you are welcome! The Alpha course is completely free & without further obligations.

You have questions, want more information, or want to sign up for the next Alpha? Contact Valeska Bettink.

Would you like to know more about Alpha? Watch in this short video of what to expect when you follow an Alpha course.

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