• LIFE Teams

A service involves a great number of people, both on stage and behind the scenes. Those folks work together in teams. For example, the welcome team makes sure that you are greeted warmly and the kids team ensures the kids have their own fun program during the service.

Our LIFE Teams

You can also participate in these teams. It is the perfect way to make new friendships, develop new skills and grow in your relationship with God. At City Life Church Breda you will find the following LIFE Teams:

Communication & (social) media

The communication & (social) media team takes care of the transmission of information both inside and outside the church. This includes website, newsletter, social media, and printed material.

City Care

As a church, CLC also wants to look after the people in Breda and the surrounding area with social projects. For example, we organize a Christmas dinner for people below the poverty line, organize activities for single mothers and their children (‘Single Moms’), and ‘Adopt a Granny’, where an older person is regularly visited to offer help and company.


Photo and video images are an important part of the communication from CLC Breda on social media and the website.

Prayer team

Prayer is an essential part of our faith. Through prayer and listening to God, the prayer team ensures that CLC Breda is and remains a life-giving church.

Audio & light

We create an attractive atmosphere in the service by means of professional sound and light. This is part of our production team, which is also responsible for the equipment and projection with the beamer.

Kids | Young & Free

The City Life Kids team takes care of the youngest kids and ensures that the older children get a fun and relevant personal program during the service with music, crafts and bible stories. The Young & Free Team handles the activities for the teenagers.

Translation team

Through live translation of the services from Dutch to English, international visitors can follow the service via a headset.

Welcome team

The people from the welcome team greet you at the door, guide you, position the chairs, and hand out leaflets. In addition, there are the caterers who provide the coffee, tea and snacks after the service.

Worship team

The band accompanies us with music and vocals during worship in the service.

Would you like to participate in a LIFE Team?

Would you like to join a team or find out more about it? Then feel free to speak to someone after the service, send an email to info@clcbreda.nl, or send a message via Facebook.