City Life Church Breda is registered as ANBI (a non-profit organisation). Gifts are therefore tax deductible.

Corporate data of CLC Breda

Post address:
Baronielaan 137A
4818PD Breda

Registered business address:
Nassausingel 26
4811DG Breda

Telefone number: 06-51528617
E-mail address: (

IBAN account number: NL88 RABO 0326 7955 45 – in the name of City Life Church Breda RSIN number: 858212237
KvKnr:  70246742
Btw number: not applicable.
Tax number: not applicable.

Date of establishment: December 2, 2017.

City Life Church Breda has been established as a religious denomination.

Justification for the establishment of CLC Breda

CLC Breda aims to meet the great demand for a life-giving church that makes a difference in a city by reaching out to all generations. We want to make a difference by supporting the city through our volunteers in projects that are initiated from the local municipality of Breda. In addition, as CLC Breda we have concrete goals, including: looking after the people in Breda and surroundings (including project Adopt a Granny, Single Moms, youth programs such as Young & Free, Sisterhood).

Our target group includes all generations.


To make people familiar with the encouraging message of faith in Jesus Christ. To help and equip them in a practical way by preaching and teaching about various areas of daily life. To provide them with a relevant network of friendly relationships through teams and life groups. Inspire them to see others in the city and region as well as in the world around us through involvement, practical help and financial support from various charities including project Adopt a Granny, Single Moms, youth programs such as Young & Free, Sisterhood.

Church activities

The following parts are part of church life:

  • Sunday services with modern hospitality and a positive, hopeful message.
  • Life groups: small groups who come together at home to make the word of Sunday’s sermon practical, deepen friendships and stimulate involvement in each other’s lives.
  • Training evenings: topics on the courses include: basic course Christian faith, leadership, pastoral care, dealing with finances, education, discovering your talents, marriage and preparation for it.
  • Youth evenings for different ages: teenagers have their own activities every Friday. Every summer holiday there is a teen camp. Per age group, there are weekends, a weekend away at a holiday park.
  • Child work. Both during Sunday services as well as holidays and summer camps.

Looking after others

As a church, we donate to local charities as well as to charities worldwide. In Breda we have the following projects:

  • Adopt a Granny. Looking for elderly people in their solitude in old people’s homes.
  • Food bank, Christmas dinner for people below the poverty line.
  • Happy You: pampering for women who are less fortunate.
  • Organizing outings for the elderly.
  • Single Moms: attention for single mothers and their children.
  • International partners, with whom we cooperate and whom we regularly support:
  • a) Compassion: children in poverty (we support children and students in Kenya)
  • b) A21 Campaign: organisation fighting against trafficking of human beings.

Specific objectives for 2018

For 2018, CLC Breda has drawn up 3 specific objectives that it wants to achieve:

  1. Involving and furnishing our new location
  2. Starting up various own projects and initiatives in cooperation with the municipality of Breda
  3. Investing in people through a diverse range of training and workshops in the areas of personal development, leadership, dealing with finances and relationships. The biblical principles always form the foundation of these training and workshops.

Management and administration

The board consists of:

For questions, disputes, coaching and advice we turn to the advisory board, consisting of men with extensive, recognized experience in the field of church building.

Financial responsibility

The assets of CLC Breda shall be formed by contributions from the members and visitors of the Church, subsidies and donations, which the Church obtains through inheritance, legacy, gift and donation and all other acquisitions and benefits.

The church features:

  • A treasurer
  • An audit committee
  • Balanced accounts audited annually by an auditor.

Remuneration policy

The board and the advisory board shall not receive any remuneration or compensation for their activities.
Currently, pastors and church workers do not receive a salary. There are many volunteers working and their number is growing.